EXCLUSIVE: Oath Keeper IT Administrator Embezzled More Than $200K – Confessions

Drew Piper confessed to embezzling more than $200K from Stewart Rhodes’ Oath Keepers organization. Piper served as their IT administrator for years. Sharon Manery, Piper’s girlfriend, was the Oath Keepers treasurer. This is audio of Manery’s acknowledgment of Piper’s crimes, denying having anything to do with them.

Oath Keepers founder, Stewart Rhodes, hid the crime for years, threatening at least one employee with litigation if they disclosed the truth.

Go to http://www.ChallengingTheRhetoric.news to read the full story with many other details.



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Coming of age in the Trump era

Coming of age in the Trump era
Roger loves Donnie but don’t tell Sarah
Up is down and its run by a clown
Wait until you hear the news coming to town
Tracking down your mother, brother, sister, and father
For those that didn’t bother rather stutter
Frantic scatter as matters grow sour
Towers of the wall binding your mind in time

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