Pike County Murder Case Update: Rhoden Trailers in Massacre Moved Again (Nov 2017)

WAVERLY, Ohio — For a second time since eight people were killed in Pike County 18 months ago, authorities moved the four trailers where the Rhoden family members were found shot to death.

Pike County officials moved the trailers Nov. 2 from the now-defunct Hadsell Chemical Processing LLC warehouse, at 9329 state Route 220 in Waverly, to a pole barn built inside the fenced Pike County Sheriff’s impound lot about 3 miles away, said Pike County Prosecutor Rob Junk. The impound lot is at 265 Progress Dr.



Pike County Rhoden Murder Update: Wagner Family WANTED for questioning, Left Before Swat Team Raid

WAVERLY, OH (AP) — A family who Ohio authorities have called the “special focus” of an investigation into the slayings of eight members of a different family say they are being harassed by the state attorney general’s office despite their cooperation.

The family’s attorney, John Kearson Clark, told the Cincinnati Enquirer on Tuesday that the four Wagner family members provided laptops, phones and DNA samples to investigators, and agreed to be interviewed about the Rhoden family slayings in Pike County in April 2016.

The Wagner family lived in Peebles, Ohio, at the time of the killings but recently moved to Alaska.


Pike County Rhoden Murder Update: SWAT Team Raids Ex-Boyfriend Family Farm

Angela Wagner said the family was provided copies of the search warrants, along with a list of items seized. But she said there was nothing on the warrant to indicate why authorities wanted to search a 71-acre farm in Peebles they had recently sold. Nor was there any indication why they wanted to look through a semi-tractor trailer loaded with their household items, she said. And she said it remains unclear why her in-law’s 2,000-acre farm in Pike County was raided or why the Franklin County SWAT team was called to assist in that search.