The Triad Of The Alt Right Hate, Conspiracy, Politics: The Road To The Second Civil War

The Triad Of The Alt Right Hate, Conspiracy, Politics: The Road To The Second Civil War

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Watch “Thoughts Of CHAOS: Oath Keepers Show Us Who They Really Are 03/29/2018 (Radical Watch)” on YouTube

Oathkeeper 101st Militia Advocate Militia & Patriot Community March With Loaded Rifles In Every City

I believe all Militias & Patriots need to March with loaded rifles in every city in the USA

2:02 PM – 14 Mar 2018

Oathkeeper 101st Militia Declares 2nd Civil War To Start In A Few Weeks Or Sooner

They all know that the lines have been drawn for many years and this is it folks, the 2nd civil war will be in a few weeks or sooner, and all of you Patriots God Speed!

EXCLUSIVE: Oath Keeper IT Administrator Embezzled More Than $200K – Confessions

Drew Piper confessed to embezzling more than $200K from Stewart Rhodes’ Oath Keepers organization. Piper served as their IT administrator for years. Sharon Manery, Piper’s girlfriend, was the Oath Keepers treasurer. This is audio of Manery’s acknowledgment of Piper’s crimes, denying having anything to do with them.

Oath Keepers founder, Stewart Rhodes, hid the crime for years, threatening at least one employee with litigation if they disclosed the truth.

Go to to read the full story with many other details.